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Fire Splash Fire Splash

Releases energy from fire orb and creates a splash that causes 1 point of Fire damage.

Lightning Lightning

Summons lightning that creates 5 points of Fire damage in small area, but the loud blast causes Luno to take 3 points of Hearing damage.

Fireworks Fireworks

Shoots fireworks that damage all enemies within a large area for 1 point Fire damage, but the loud blast causes Luno to take 2 points of Hearing damage.

Ground Stomp Ground Stomp

Shocks the ground and causes enemies within a small area to receive 1 point of Earth damage.

Geyser Geyser

Tears the ground apart which allows hot water to burst from the depths of the earth, causing 5 points of Earth damage.

Earthquake Earthquake

Creates earthquake that shakes the ground and causes 3 points of Earth damage within a big area.

Smart Bomb Smart Bomb

Unleashes a bomb that damages all enemies in a huge explosion area for 5 points Arcane damage.

Dream Boost Dream Boost

Refills sleep bar by 20% while consuming three Arcane Orbs.

Fire Pack Fire Pack

Let’s you carry 5 Fire Packs. One Fire Pack produces 10 Fire Orbs.

Earth Pack Earth Pack

Let’s you carry 5 Earth Packs. One Earth Pack produces 10 Earth Orbs

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